Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 7

Spies and Horses

At the appointed time, Taneskel sneaks off the road and away from any prying eyes, and once more calls upon his sorcery to take the shape of a falcon. Taking a circuitous route, he flies to the caravan and lands on Lord Paz’s arm. Paz, now convinced, announces to the caravan that this is clearly an auspicious sign, an omen from the gods. Taneskel departs.

As the caravan moves along the bottom of a ravine, a handful of people notice something along the top of the northern edge. Khunbish takes a horse and goes to investigate. Behind him, Farkas orders his scout with the best eyes to quickly look up, but Kurtz claims to not see anything… and Farkas doesn’t believe him. Farkas orders Kurtz to grab a horse and follow him, despite the protests of Kurtz who claims to be merely a foot scout with no riding skills. Taneskel-as-falcon also surveys the edge of the ravine.

Three men, scouts, have walked back to their horses and ride hard, northward, tailed by Khunbish, Farkas, Kurtz, and Taneskel. There is a chase, and arrows fly. One scout is lucky to be alive, saved by his armor, from the shots of Khunbish. After an intense chase, finally Khunbish and Farkas manage to bring down the scouts. Farkas orders Kurtz to tie them up, and Khunbish leads the captured scouts to the caravan as if they were prized livestock. Taneskel-as-falcon continues in the direction the scouts were taking, and finds another, hitherto unknown, company of soldiers, just west of the army already following the caravan.



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