Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 2
Ill-Received Gift

Taneskel looks for a library clerk with a known penchant for theft, seeking to use such a clerk to obtain the book Seeing the Unseen from the secret library. Farkas looks for anyone who can tell him of previous caravan attacks, hoping to use this as evidence for a future discussion with the King. He knows of such a soldier, but needs a horse to get to him. TonTon looks for a pious, young court page that he can dupe into sending a coded message to the Lion.

Farkas asks Khunbish to give him a horse. Khunbish, who doesn’t trust the Master of Horses, attempts to convince Farkas to take the horse he knows the best, the Chancellor’s horse. After a discussion, Khunbish grudgingly directs Farkas to the Master of Horses, who demands a note from the King before he will release a horse. Another discussion later, the Master reveals that, even if given such a letter, he would be hard pressed to loan out a horse, given the necessary preparations that are required for the upcoming caravan to deliver tax collections to the City of Coins. He freely relates the history of previous caravan attacks, which was the information that Farkas was looking for.

Taneskel wanders through a bad part of town and gets jumped by two thugs with knives. One Fire Breath and one botched casting later — granting everyone in sixty paces a temporary form of magesense — the thugs run away and Taneskel likewise leaves before the city guard can arrive.

Departing the stables, Farkas notices TonTon talking to a court page, but TonTon doesn’t realize he was seen. TonTon convinces the page to deliver a particular donation, two pears and a pomegranate, to a particular shrine just outside the city. The message to the Lion: the caravan leaves in two days. TonTon then looks for a flower to put into a pot as a gift to the Lady Jezebel, but instead fills a cracked bowl stolen from the kitchens with manure. Explaining the gift in song, it is not well-received.

Session 1
The City of Qom

Farkas the Bastard stalks into the palace, looking for the traitor to the King that he suspects is in the King’s Court. He finds the noble Lady Jezebel, who complains about the advances of TonTon, and tells Farkas of TonTon’s sleeping nook behind a palace staircase.

Farkas finds TonTon there and intimidates him into leaving his nook without having the time to take his things with him. Farkas searches for something to link TonTon to the Lion, but finds nothing. He takes one of TonTon’s matched throwing daggers, though. TonTon takes refuge in the kitchens, where he entertains and helps with the cooking.

Meanwhile, Taneskel is tailing the Court Librarian, who is deep in conversation with the Court Wizard. Farkas notices him and stops to question, but is allayed by the aura of fear that seems to flow out of Taneskel. The Librarian and Wizard enter the Chancellor’s offices. Taneskel convinces the guards outside the offices to leave, and then eavesdrops on the discussion between the Chancellor, Librarian, and Wizard regarding a particular book from the secret library.

Idle in the courtyard with his master’s horse, Khunbish practices his trick bow skills, but manages to frighten, rather than awe, spectators.


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