A rogue wizard learning things the hard way




  • XXX
  • I will be the the Court Wizard’s apprentice.
  • I will acquire the spell Magesense.


  • Always keep an eye out for books.
  • Never immediately follow orders.
  • When threatened by violence, cast Fire Breath.


[Dt] Aura of Fear (CB 271),
[Char] Extremely Respectful of One’s Betters,
[Dt] Gifted (CB 161),
[C-O] Penny-Wise (CB 156),
[Char] Secretive,
[Char] Tidy Aspect.
(Working toward Masochistic, Word of Honor.)

Stats Rating Tests Artha
Will B6 0D 0C 7F 2P 0D
Perception B4 2D 0C 4F 1P 0D
Power B4 1D 1C 0F 0P 0D
Forte B7 3D 0C 8F 2P 0D
Agility B4 1D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Speed B5 2D 0C 6F 0P 0D
Attributes Rating Tests Artha
Health B5 1D 0C 2F 1P 0D
Steel B6 3D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Hesitation 4
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B11
Speed Multiplier x3.5
Abilities Rating Tests Artha
Circles B3 1R 1D 1C 3F 0P 0D
Resources B1 (0) 0R 1D 0C 0F 2P 0D
Physical Tolerances
Superficial B4 Light B7 Midi B8 Serious B9 Traumatic B10 Mortal Wound B11
16 Fate, 2 Persona, 0 Deeds
Skills LP? Req? Base Points Rating Tests Artha
Astrology Yes No B2 1 B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Bloodletting Yes No B2 3 B4 3R 2D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Dirty Secrets-wise No No B2 3 B4 1R 2D 0C 2F 0P 0D
Inconspicuous Yes Yes B2 1 B4 0R 0D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Read Yes Yes B2 1 B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Research Yes No B2 2 B3 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Sorcery Yes No B2 4 B5 0D 0C 2F 0P 0D
Symbology Yes No B2 1 B2 0R 1D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Ugly Truth Yes No B2 1 B3 2R 0D 0C 2F 2P 0D
Write Yes No B2 1 B2 1R 0D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Observation B2 1R 1D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Stealthy B2 1R 0D 1C 2F 0P 0D
Persuasion B3 2R 0D 0C 2F 0P 0D
Brawling Root: Agility Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Temple-wise Root: Perception Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Intimidate Root: Will Tests: 1 Aptitude: 4
Conspicuous Root: Will Tests: 3 Aptitude: 4
Anatomy Root: Perception Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Oratory Root: Will Tests: 1 Aptitude: 4
Affiliations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Member of the Viceroy’s Eyes and Ears 1D 10 rps
Reputations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Relationships Type Resource Pts Description Notes
The King’s Court Wizard Hateful 8 rps
Gear Resource Pts Notes
Clothes 1 rp
Paper, Parchment, Scrolls 2 rps
Quills, Inks 2 rps
Traveling Gear
Bloodletting Supplies
Property Resource Pts Notes
Cottage 3 rps
Spells Obstacle Actions Resource Pts Practicals Needed/Done
Falcon Skin (CB 176) Ob 4 12 Actions 8 rps
  Wi:B2 Pe:B3 Ag:B4 Sp:B6 Po:B2 Fo:B2 Hea:B2 Ref:B5 MW:B7 Ste:B3 Speed Mult.:x14 Hes:8
  PTGS: Su:B2 Li:B3 Mi:B4 Se:B5 Tr:B6 Mo:B7  Traits: Small Stature, Winged, Keen Sight, Taloned  (MB 303)
Fire Breath (CB 177) Ob 3^ 3 Actions 12 rps
  Power = Will, +1 Power per extra success. DoF. VA: 4.
Weapons IMS Notes
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2, VA -, Fast, Shortest
Sword I:B4 M:B7 S:B10 Power 3, Add 2, VA -, Slow, Long
Lifepaths Years Resource Pts Pool Skill Pts Trait Pts
City Born 12 10 4 1
Neophyte Sorcerer 6 12 +1M 6 1
Lead to Outcast 1
Rogue Wizard 6 24 +1M,P 8 3
Age 25
Spells Wishlist
  • Arcane Kindness
  • Binding
  • Call of Iron
  • Chameleon
  • Magesense
  • Mask
  • Persuasion
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Turn Aside the Blade
  • Wallwalker


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