Lord Paz

The doomed co-commander of the expedition


Lord Paz, Noble of Qom, commander of a legion, and follower of the Lion.

Age: 35


  • The Lion will be a great Emperor soon. I will conquer Qom and take the throne on his behalf.
  • Farkas is a threat to me. I will send him to his death have him killed.
  • True power requires that I have someone to commune with the Powers directly on my behalf. I will find and retain one so Gifted and make him my new court sorcerer.


  • Always have my guards at the ready.
  • Never let a sorcerer speak freely.
  • Always keep up on the latest news about my adversaries.


[Dt] Mark of Privilege,
[Dt] Savvy,
[Char] Your Lordship,
[Dt] Hard-hearted,
[C-O] Charismatic,
[Char] Superstitious.


Lord Paz

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