Unscrutable rider from the East, master of horse and bow




  • My poverty is a disgrace. I shall better my station by filling my purse with money extorted from craven aristocrats.
  • Because I am still fond of him, I shall bring Chancellor Marduke over to the cause of the Lion.
  • During my convalescence, I shall find a tutor who will teach me to read.


  • My arrows are never unprepared
  • I always call out falsehood.
  • Never show deference to an aristocrat.


[Dt] Stoic
[C-O] I’m the fucking Cavalry
[Char] Ornery
[Char] Claustrophobia
[Char] Mongol

Stats Rating Tests Artha
Will B4 1D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Perception B4 2D 0C 2F 1P 0D
Power B4 1D 1C 0F 0P 0D
Forte B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Agility B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Speed B5 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Attributes Rating Tests Artha
Health B5 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Steel B6 4D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Hesitation 5 (Stoic)
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B10
Speed Multiplier x3.5
Abilities Rating Tests Artha
Circles B3 0R 0D 0C 3F 0P 0D
Resources B1 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Physical Tolerances
Superficial B3 Light B6 Midi B7 Serious B8 Traumatic B9 Mortal Wound B10
9 Fate, 3 Persona, 0 Deeds
Skills LP? Req? Base Points Rating Tests Artha
Animal Husbandry Yes No B2 1 B2 1R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Riding Yes No B2 3 B4 3R 1D 1C 0F 1P 0D
Horse-wise No No B2 3 B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Mending Yes Yes B2 2 B3 1R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Mounted Combat Yes Yes B2 1 B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Bow Yes No B1 5 G4 2R 0D 0C 4F 5P 0D
Sword Yes No B1 4 B2 0R 1D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Qom Hinterland Yes No B2 1 B3 0R 0D 0C 1F 1P 0D
Hunting Yes No B2 1 B2 0R 1D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Haggling Yes No B1 1 B1 0R 0D 0C 1F 0P 0D
Persuasion No No B3 0R 0D 0C 2F 0P 0D
Conspicious   Tests: 4 Aptitude: 6
Stealthy   Tests: 3 Aptitude: 6
Observation   Tests: 4 Aptitude: 6
Intimidate   Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Ugly Truth   Tests: 4 Aptitude: 6
Inconspicious   Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Field Dressing   Tests: 1 Aptitude: 6
Affiliations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Reputations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Paz’s Expedition +1 Bad Ass Archer
Qom +2 Stone Cold Killa
Relationships Type Resource Pts Description Notes
Chancellor Marduke 10 rps
Amara the whore Romantic 3 rps
Gear Resource Pts Notes
Bearskin 2 rp
Bow 5 rps
Curved Sword 5 rps
Riding Horse
Property Resource Pts Notes
Weapons IMS Notes
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2, VA -, Fast, Shortest
Bow (Hunting) I:B4 M:B7 S:B10 VA 1, Reload, Acquire 5
Curved Sword (RotM) I:B4 M:B7 S:B10 Add 2, VA -, Slow, Long
Lifepaths Years Resource Pts Pool Skill Pts Trait Pts
Villager 10 4 3 2
Groom (v) 4 7 4 1
Lead to Soldier 1
Cavalryman 4 9 +1P 10 1
Lead to Royal Court 1
Groom (rc) 4 5 +1P 5 1
Age 24
  • (future belief) The Master of Horses is a buffon who wouldn’t know a fine horse if it bit him on the ass.
  • (future belief) I shall make Amara an honest woman.
  • (instict) Like water over stone, speed and maneuver win the day.
  • (instict) The Chancellor’s life is my own, I shall protect it. He is the patron I cannot do without
  • I will laugh in the face of Lord Paz from the top of my horse


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