A Balrog lord, "Master of Terror and Flame"



• I serve Melkor and only Melkor; I will make ready for his return from the void, so that we may slay the Valar in the Last Battle.
• No sound echoes sweeter than the cries of Elves in tortured agony.
• I am superior to all beings in Middle-Earth; all who enter my domain either serve me or die!


• Call forth flame when imposing my will upon others.
• Intimidate all who resist me.
• Assess at the start of combat.

Character/Cosmetic Traits

Aggressive, Ambidextrous, Arrogant, Cruel, Deathly Visage, Deep-Dweller, Dragon-rider, Lord of Balrogs

Die & Call-on Traits

Immortal, Maia Nature (see below), Celestial Sight, Flame of Udûn (see below), Command of Shadow and Flame (see below), Gift of Babel, Resistant to Fire, Gigantic Stature, Stone-Skin, Ironhide, Horned, Rending Claws, Tearing Claws, Brutal Fangs, Piercing Fangs, Devastator, Lynx-Eyed Like Burning Coals, Keen Hearing, Spirit Ears, Horrific Aura, Aura of Terror, Howl of Doom, Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way, Fearsome, Bellowing, Brutal, Dominant Will

Maia Nature: This creature belongs to the class of beings that participated in the creation and shaping of the world. As such, it exists entirely in the Heroic realm – all stats and skills are Grey shade or lighter. Moreover, it cannot be injured by the mundane forces of this realm — in order to harm a creature of Maia Nature, one must employ Heroic tools, Sorcery, and/or Spirit Weapons (yes, a Maia’s natural weapons are Spirit Weapons); note, however, that a Maia’s physical form may still be impeded by mundane forces such as walls and gravity (as well as Lock maneuvers by Mundane characters!). Additionally, Maiar have power over magic and supernatural phenomena, such that they can challenge or counter any spells or other such effects within their presence that they can directly perceive; this challenge is resolved by a versus Will test against the caster (who need not be within the Maia’s presence), and the loser of this versus test suffers Tax to his Forte, equal to the margin of failure. Lastly, a Maia’s presence is measured in 10s of paces rather than paces.

Celestial Sight (special note): Maiar have Celestial Sight, just as written in the Monster Burner, with one modification – they ALSO see the physical realm. Just as these beings inhabit both the spirit and physical realms, they also directly perceive both simultaneously.

Flame of Udûn: Balrogs are spirits of fire, and this essence permeates their physical form. Though not outwardly wreathed in flame (unless they choose to be so, under Command of Shadow and Flame), their skin and insides burn with terrible power. As with the Daemon’s Skin trait, anything or anyone who is not resistant to fire who touches the surface of a Balrog suffers a burn wound equal to the Balrog’s Will exponent (adjusted for shade, B9). Furthermore, any object that penetrates a Balrog suffers heat damage equal to the Balrog’s Will (G7) – note that this destroys Mundane shade weapons (even Spirit Weapons) unless they are otherwise protected.

Command of Shadow and Flame: A Balrog’s domains of power are fire and darkness. At its command, flame and shadow issue forth from its form, blotting out all light and bathing its enemies in hellish fire.
It may, at will, cast the following (roll Will, no spell obstacle necessary, just count up the successes):
• An effect similar to the spell Fire Breath, wreathing itself in flames that emanate outward from its body in all directions; damage and VA are as Fire Breath, but there is no DoF – anything engulfed in the fire takes Mark damage.
• Pyrotechnics, as the spell, except that the target fire’s strength may be changed by a number of steps equal to the number of Will successes.
• Dark of Night, as the spell.
• Impenetrable Gloom, as the spell.
Each of these effects can be sustained by devoting 1D of Will to the effect, and they do not incur Tax; however, the area of each effect starts at 1 pace, and each additional AoE increment (i.e. to paces, 10s of paces, etc.) requires an additional 1D of Will to be set aside. Each new AoE increment requires a number actions equal to 2x the number of AoE levels for that increment (ie, 1 pace requires 2 actions, paces requires 4 additional actions, etc.)


Will G8, Perception G6
Agility G6, Speed G6, Power G9, Forte G9


Health G8, Steel G7, Reflexes G6, Mortal Wound G16, Speed Multiplier x4
PTGS: Su B9, Li G2, Mi G12, Se G14, Tr G15, Mo G16


Whip G8
Sword G7
Brawling G5
Mounted Combat Training
Intimidation G8
Command G6
Conspicuous G6
Ugly Truth G5
Tactics G5
Aura Reading G6
Ancient Military History G5
Ainur Heraldry G5
Morgoth-wise G5
Flame-wise G5
Elf-wise G4
Dragon-wise G4
Orc-wise G3
Subterranean Stronghold-wise G4


Flaming Sword, Superior Quality, Massive, Spirit Weapon: Power 4, Add 2, VA 2 (3 due to high Power), Slow, Longest (due to Gigantic Stature).
IMS: B8, B15, G6.
(Massive: +1 Power, +1 VA, only creatures of Massive Stature or greater may wield it; Flaming: the blade causes a B9 wound to any creature touching it who is not resistant to fire.)

Many-thonged Whip of Fire, Articulated, Heroic: Special IMS, Add 2, VA -, Unwieldy, Longer than longer than longest (due to Gigantic Stature).
May not Great Strike. May not be used on the inside. (Articulated: all Blocks against this weapon are made at ‘+2 ob,’ ignore shield dice; Flaming: the lash causes a B9 wound to any creature touching it who is not resistant to fire.) May be used for the following scripted actions:
• Strike – Special IMS: 0, 0, G5.
• Lock – ob 1, extra successes impose Lock dice (target defends with natural defenses Agility, and may add Avoid successes if Avoid is scripted for that action).
• Ensnare – ob 3, target declares hit location; to escape, target must script a 1-action Agility test (ob 3, Steel test required if not Resistant to Fire); extra Ensnare successes may be allocated to move location (moving from arm to weapon costs 1 success) or to increase the obstacle to disentangle (+1 ob/success allocated). Once a target is ensnared, may be used to Pull the target (Power vs. natural defenses Power) or Disarm (Lash vs. natural defenses weapon skill).

Brutal Piercing Fangs, Spirit Weapon: Power 2, Slow, VA 2 (3 due to high Power), Add 2.
IMS: B7, B13, G3.

Rending Tearing Claws, Spirit Weapon: Power 2, Fast, VA 1 (2 due to high Power), Add 2.
IMS: B7, B13, G3.


Concept: A terrifying spirit of shadow and flame – one of the Lords of the Valaraukar (“Demons of Might,” Sindarin Balrogath), Morgoth’s most fearsome and terrible servants. A chief among the Balrogs, a commander of the hosts of Morgoth, a destroyer of civilizations (Gondolin, Khazad-Dum).

With the demise of Gothmog, High Captain of Angband, Herucauronár may be the greatest surviving Valarauko in Middle-earth.

“Dreadful among [Morgoth’s] spirits were the Valaraukar, the scourges of fire that in Middle-earth were called the Balrogs, demons of terror.”

“Something was coming up behind them. What it was could not be seen: it was like a great shadow, in the middle of which was a dark form, of man-shape maybe, yet greater; and a power and terror seemed to be in it and to go before it. . . .

“It came to the edge of the fire and the light faded as if a cloud had bent over it. Then with a rush it leaped across the fissure. The flames roared up to greet it, and wreathed about it; and a black smoke swirled in the air. Its streaming mane kindled, and blazed behind it. In its right hand was a blade like a stabbing tongue of fire; in its left it held a whip of many thongs."
(The Fellowship of the Ring)


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