Beliefs (Tentative)

  • I am a skilled warrior who deserves a better station. I will become the Ambassador’s personal bodyguard by slaying the nativist assassin who will try to kill her.
  • My clan is dedicated to ending the elves’ mastery over orcs. To curtail their imperialism, I must disrupt the Ambassador’s dealings with the dwarves.
  • The human church preaches an anti-orc doctrine, but their so-called Faith is pathetic and inconstant compared to the immortal darkness within every orc. I will force some Believers to renounce their Faith by smashing their puny psyches on the anvil of my Hatred.


  • Intimidate at first sight.
  • Chase anyone who runs from me.
  • Slay all who cross me.


[Ch] Cannibal
[Ch] Breeder
[Ch] Vile Language
[Ch] Life is Death
[Ch] Silent Hatred
[Ch] Intense Hatred
[Ch] Savage Consequence
[Ch] Proud OR Bred to Hierarchy
[Dt] Cold Black Blood
[Dt] Fanged and Clawed
[Dt] Loathsome and Twisted
[Dt] Lynx-Eyed, Like Burning Coals
[Dt] Born to Rule Them All
[Dt] Enemy of the Sun
[Dt] Sprinter
[C-O] Low Cunning (Any Skill, Betraying a Superior)

Stats Rating Tests Artha
Will B6 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Perception B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Power B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Forte B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Agility B6 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Speed B4 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Attributes Rating Tests Artha
Health B5 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Steel B7 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Hesitation 4 (2 for Pain)
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B10
Stride 8
Abilities Rating Tests Artha
Circles B3 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Resources B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Hatred G4 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Physical Tolerances
Superficial B3 Light B6 Midi B7 Serious B8 Traumatic B9 Mortal Wound B10
3 Fate, 2 Persona, 0 Deeds
Skills LP? Req? Base Points Rating Tests Artha
Axe Yes Yes B3 3 B6 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Brawling Yes Yes B3 2 B5 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Bow Yes No B3 1 B4 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Spear Yes No B3 0 B3 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Sword Yes No B3 0 B3 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Brutal Intimidation Yes No G2 3 G5 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Command Yes Yes B3 1 B4 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Riding Yes No B3 1 B4 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Poisonous Platitudes No No G2 1 G3 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Elf-wise No No B2 0 B2 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Armor Training Yes Yes 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Shield Training Yes Yes 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Mounted Combat Training Yes Yes 0R 0D 0C 0F 0P 0D
Conspicuous   Tests: 0 Aptitude: 4
Intimidation   Tests: 0 Aptitude: 4
Ugly Truth   Tests: 0 Aptitude: 6
Knife   Tests: 0 Aptitude: 4
Torture   Tests: 0 Aptitude: 4
Affiliations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Black Terror Clan, Orcish Irredentists 1D Born to Rule Them All
Crew of the Faerie Queen 1D 10 rp
Reputations Dice Resource Pts Description Notes
Infamous Among the Chattel 1D Born to Rule Them All
Badass S.O.B. Who Killed the Inquisitor and Urinated On His Corpse 2D 25 rp
Relationships Type Resource Pts Description Notes
Thrunar, Dwarven Trader/Longbeard, Member of a Nativist Cabal Forbidden 4 rp
Svor, Dwarven Axebearer, Who Couldn’t Execute Justice On Me Hateful 3 rp
Gear Resource Pts Notes
Dwarven-made Light Mail, Looted From the Bodies of the Inquisitor’s Personal Guard 9 rp
Rags 1 rp
Hobnailed Boots 1 rp
Property Resource Pts Notes
Weapons IMS Notes
Fanged Maw I:B3 M:B5 S:B7 Add 2, VA 1, Speed 1, Shortest
Claws I:B3 M:B5 S:B7 Add 2, VA -, Speed X, Shortest (Knife)
(Axe) I:B4 M:B7 S:B10 Add 2, VA 1, Speed 2, Long
Lifepaths Years Resource Pts Pool Skill Pts Trait Pts
Born Great 10 4 3 2
The Rites 3 3 +1 M, P 5 2
Follower 5 9 +1 M, P 8 1
Black Destroyer 6 12 +1 M, P 7 2
Named 8 25 +1 M, P 5 2
Age 32
Belief bullpen

I am a great warrior, and I should have a weapon that befits my prowess. I will acquire a Dwarven Axe.
This ship is an implement of domination and captivity. I will burn the ship so that they can’t keep us cooped up any longer. Also, the ship has the ponciest elf-assed name I’ve ever heard … I hates it!
I hate this elven bitch who bosses us around. I will smash her starlight so that my brethren may rise up against her.
If the elves don’t derive any benefit from their imperialism, they won’t enslave us any more. I will sabotage their dealings with the dwarves.
I am bound to serve my cruelly beautiful mistress. I will slay any xenophobic dwarf who tries to disrupt her arrival.
The elf is my mistress and I must follow her, for now. I will defend her against the dwarven nativists who would assassinate her.
I will slay the fucker who sabotaged our ship.
We must get ashore — the lads need some R&R! I will get us onto land by any means necessary.
So my masters want to impress the dwarves? I’ll do my part by scaring the unholy bloody hell out of the wharf guards.
I am naked without a weapon. I need to get me an axe.

Instinct bullpen

My axe is out at the first sign of trouble … and swinging at the second!
Always loot the corpse.



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