Evil Game Master

Test Character Template.


Physical Description:
Appearance: One ugly mofo.
Age: 129

1. The players have crappy characters. I will destroy them by making rocks fall.
2. I deserve to win all tests. I will weight my dice so that they always roll 6s.
3. Players are savage beasts. I will turn them against each other by molding their inter-party conflicts into zero-sum games.

1. Never say “yes.”
2. Always keep the GM screen up.
3. If a player is absent, kill his/her character.

Addicted to Mountain Dew (Ch), Secretive (Ch), Forked Tongue (CO), The Story (CO), Hard-Hearted (Dt), Pickled (Dt), Problems (Dt), Scheming (Dt)

Fate: 15 Persona: 8 Deeds: 3

Pe: B6 Wi: B4
Ag: B3 Fo: B3
Sp: B3 Po: B3

He: B2 St: B3
Re: B4 MW: B9

Abilities & Physical Tolerances:
Circles: B2 Resources: B1
Superficial: B2 Light:B4 Midi:B6 Severe:B7 Traumatic: B8 Mortal: B9

Skill LP? Required? Base Total Pts Exponent Artha
Inconspicuous Yes Yes B2 2 B3 0F, 0P, 0D
Ugly Truth Yes No B3 4 B6 0F, 0P, 0D
Read Yes Yes B3 4 B6 0F, 0P, 0D
Write Yes Yes B2 4 B5 0F, 0P, 0D
Total-Party-Kill-wise Yes Yes B3 9 G6 0F, 0P, 0D
Dice Training1 Yes No n/a 2 n/a n/a
Player-wise Yes No B3 2 B4 0F, 0P, 0D
Sorcery Yes No B3 4 B6 0F, 0P, 0D

1 Training skill, 2pts to open, does not advance.

Weapons Stats:
Weapon IMS Optimal Range Dice Extended Range Dice DoF Advantage Dice
Superior Quality Dice 20 B50/B100/B150 B50/B100/B150

Armor Stats:
Location Type Quality Dice Clumsy Weight
Head Padded Run of the Mill 1D
Torso Padded Run of the Mill 2D
Right Arm Padded Run of the Mill 1D +1 Ob to Agility
Left Arm Padded Run of the Mill 1D ””
Right Leg Padded Run of the Mill 2D
Left Leg Padded Run of the Mill 2D

Item Resource Pts Special Notes
Maps 5
Rulebooks 10
Superior Quality Weapons (Dice) 20
Run of the Mill Padded Armor 3

Spell Resource Pts Casting Time Obstacle Practicals Needed Practicals Done
Autocratic Authority 100 1 action 3^

Name Resource Pts Description Aptitude Tests Special Notes
Mom 3 Immediate Family, Friendly

Affiliations and Reputations:
Name Resource Pts Description Dice Special Notes
Local Gaming Community 10 Local Affiliation 1D
Biggest Jerk in the Gaming Community 7 Local Reputation, Infamous 1D

Lifepath Years Resource Pts Mental Pool Physical Pool Skill Pts Trait Pts
Born Village 10 4 3 2
Idiot 10 4 4 1
—> Lead to City
Gamer 3 10 “+1” 6 2
Student 4 5 + 1 11 2
—> Lead to Outcast
Game Master 100 135 “+1” 7 3


Evil Game Master

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