One of the youngest mice ever to be promoted to Patrol Guard -- a seasoned commando sniper mouse whose martial prowess is matched only by his fierce temperament



Age: 27
Home: Elmoss
Fur: Red
Cloak: Black
Parents: Oberon & Clarissa, reknowned insectrists in the Mouse Guard
Senior Artisan: Keara, insectrist
Mentor: Gurney, one of the Mouse Guard’s masters-at-arms
Friend: Dylan, a fence from Port Sumac
Enemy: Sloane, a Guard Captain and former lover

Belief: Peaceful solutions are better than violent ones.
Goal: I will get the town to stop hoarding food.
Instinct: Always shoot first.
Traits: Fiery (1), Alert (1)

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Gear: Bow, rope, pheromones, maps, small knife


Nature (Mouse): 5/5
Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 5
Circles: 5

Notable Deed/Reputation:
As a Guardmouse sniper, Brand single-pawedly held the rock pass outside of Pebblebrook against a midnight weasel raid. Using concealment and marksmouseship, he rained death down upon the file of weasels as they reached the narrow point in the pass, halting their advance for several hours until reinforcements arrived at dawn. On that night, fighting through hunger and exhaustion, Brand slew 4(?) weasels and wounded 7 others. For his heroism, he was promoted to Patrol Guard and assigned to Captain Sloane’s personal traveling guard.


Fighter: 5
Scout: 4
Pathfinder: 3
Weather Watcher: 3
Insectrist: 3
Night-wise: 3
Forest-wise: 2
Carpenter: 2
Persuader: 2



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