General Atrius

The Claws of the Lion


General Atrius, the Claws of the Lion, a close personal friend of the Lion of Jeptha.


  • I am the Claws of the Lion. I shall conquer this city and place our man on the throne.
  • Nobles are a curse upon society. I shall slay all the nobles in Qom who do not commit themselves to our cause.
  • The strength of an army is the quality of its men and their devotion to its goal. I shall find and recruit new heroes to our cause.
  • I am Loyal to my friend the Lion of Jeptha. People revere him like a god, so I must prevent him from being deluded by his own propaganda.


  • Always start Fight! in Aggressive Stance.
  • Always Assess for Nobles.
  • Always try to recruit my adversaries.


[Dt] Mark of Privilege,
[Dt] Cold-Blooded,
[Char] Merciless,
[Char] Honorable,
[Dt] Savvy,
[Dt] Loyal,
[?? ] ????.


General Atrius

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