Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 20

Labor's Rewards

Taneskel’s sleep is interrupted when guards drop off Chancellor Marduke and shackle him to the post. Marduke ungags him to talk, and Taneskel reveals that he is one of Lord Paz’s advisors. In exchange for information about the parley that went badly, Taneskel states his name and summarizes his situation. No longer cut off from his magic thanks to the Chancellor, Taneskel warns him not to be bothered as he casts a spell. The Chancellor asks to be freed as well, and Taneskel acquiesces. Instead of the usual Fire Breath, Taneskel focuses the exhalation as a short blue flame that vaporizes the links binding them. Taneskel, with a white-hot chain trailing him, asks the guards outside the tent to notify Paz that he wishes to speak with him, and then goes to help patch up an injured Khunbish. After attempting to help, he confronts Paz for an apology. He gets tasked with bringing the Viceroy to Paz, and death if Paz sees him again otherwise.

Farkas wakes up in jail, still bleeding from his untreated wounds. He tries to convince the guard to get medical attention, and at least convinces the guard to go ask if Farkas’s life should be saved. Eventually the King of Qom shows up to question Farkas. Some hard questions are asked and go unanswered. No medical help is given.

Khunbish awakens to find General Atrius nearby. They talk. Atrius offers a position within his army, which comes with all the trappings of office and men under him. Khunbish accepts.



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