Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 19


Farkas and the Court Wizard speak with the King of Qom. Farkas fails to convince his half-brother to surrender, and the King likewise to convince Farkas to avenge him after his forthcoming death by the Lion’s forces. In line with his promise to General Atrius and the king during their argument, Farkas attempts to kill the king, but is instead injured and captured.

At dawn, Lord Paz, General Atrius, and Khunbish meet with Chancellor Marduke and the Constable to parley. During the introductions, the booming voice of the Court Wizard informs them that the king is under attack! The Constable says the parley will resume at noon, as their party returns to Qom. Khunbish sees this as an insult, and asks Atrius if they should be killed. Atrius tells him to hinder them, and so Khunbish rides out and shoots off the strap holding the Chancellor’s saddle in place. As the Constable flees, one of the guards turns back to attack Khunbish, plugging him with two arrows.

Taneskel remains tied up and watched by Paz’s guards.



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