Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 18

To Meet The King

Farkas and Khunbish are in a room full of guards as the form of Marduke fades to reveal the Court Wizard. Khunbish grabs a bubbling green vial from a table and, while wrestling with the guards, throws it at the Wizard. The vial releases an illusion spell, which the Wizard manipulates into the form of Amara, injured and pleading for help. Khunbish stops resisting.

Farkas and the Wizard talk. They come to an agreement: If the Court Wizard takes Farkas to the King to convince him to give up Qom, and Farkas will do everything he can to make sure the Wizard can keep his position under Paz’s administration. Farkas asks the Wizard to find Taneskel, so that he may have his support for the conversation with the king. As dawn approaches, they go visit the King.

Taneskel and Kurtz escape the depths below Qom and enter the city. It is the middle of the night. They dally about Qom, looking for a source of medical supplies and for a contact within the church to learn about the Viceroy’s condition. After several hours, they discover a servant of the Court Wizard asking around about Taneskel. They manage to lie low and not be noticed, but they then tail the servant and are eventually discovered. He asks Taneskel to come with him to speak with the Wizard, but Taneskel flees. His time up, Taneskel returns to Paz to make his report at dawn. It does not go well. Confused and tired beyond caring, Taneskel does not resist as he is gagged and tossed into a tent under guard.



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