Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 17

Into the Sewers

At the conclusion of the Paz and Atrius’s strategy meeting, Khunbish suggests that himself, Farkas, Taneskel sneak into the city tonight to obtain information before the planned parley. Farkas finds Kurtz and makes him accompany them.

Khunbish thinks he knows a way in used by prostitutes, thieves, and other unsavory folk. Approaching the entrance, they find Amara, Khunbish’s prostitute friend, unconscious and bleeding, but they have no useful tools to help her. Khunbish decides the mission into Qom is too important, and he leaves her there.

Once in the sewers, Khunbish’s claustrophobia kicks in, and runs deeper into the sewers in his panic. Catching up, they find a horrible, misshapen creature with a long tail and a mouth large enough to swallow a man whole. Taneskel wounds the creature several times before blasting it into ash with fire breath.

Eventually, they find a trapdoor on the ceiling made of stone, some distance up. They fail to open it, but they make enough noise that the trapdoor opens. Chancellor Marduke has a guard lower a rope and calls to them to come up. Khunbish confronts his old friend the Chancellor, and asks him to submit. While Marduke dallies, and Khunbish shoots him in eye with an arrow! And the Chancellor appears to shrug it off! Farkas and Khunbish climb the rope while Taneskel carefully and patiently casts and holds fire breath. As he climbs up, Marduke tells him to drop the spell. Taneskel asks, “Who are you really?” The stone is resealed, severing the rope, and Taneskel falls.

Taneskel and Kurtz start looking for another way out.



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