Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 15

Conflicted Instincts

Farkas keeps a look out for Rexar as he tries to find the city gates. He wonders if he knows the guard behind the gates. Taneskel searches for Farkas, hoping to find him before Rexar does. Both eventually find the walls of Qom in the darkness.

Taneskel attempts to take the form of the falcon to enter Qom, but right then a magical gust of wind picks up, buffeting him and causing the spell to fail. The magical darkness blows away to reveal three men on top of a parapet: the Viceroy holding a rod, the Court Wizard with arms spread, and Chancellor Marduke. General Atrius gives Khunbish permission to fire, and he shoots the Viceroy who almost tumbles off the parapet if not for the Court Wizard’s quick reflexes. Khunbish then shoots the Wizard. The three men retreat from the wall for cover.

Being tossed about by the wind, Farkas sees both Taneskel and Rexar crawling toward him. Seeing Rexar, Taneskel runs toward Farkas as Rexar starts to do the same. Farkas instinctively readies his spear, which causes Taneskel to reflexively breathe fire. The shock of this gives Taneskel a few moments to warn Farkas that Paz wants him dead and that he has until next sundown to kill Paz. And warns to not wave the spear in his direction! Taneskel tries to slink off but is confronted by Rexar. Rather than fight, Taneskel allows himself to be taken by Rexar and Farkas and promises to help them enter the city. Farkas and company try to convince the city guard to open the gate for them, but fail.

Taneskel attempt to find Paz’s surgeon so the he can obtain some healing supplies. Farkas finds the field doctor formerly in his platoon, now at Atrius’s camp. The doctor, with assistance from Taneskel, manage to patch up Farkas’s wounds. Atrius shows up and asks Taneskel who he is, to which he replies, “Nothing”. Khunbish reveals that he is a sorcerer from Qom, and Taneskel admits to being a vassal of Paz, but explains he no longs wishes to be. Atrius requests that Taneskel accompany them to a meeting with Lord Paz.



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