Somerville Burning Cabal

Session 14

Darkness Descends

Rexar starts walking to Lord Paz to make a report of the situation, and Farkas accompanies him. Farkas convinces Rexar to join him after being promised a position in Farkas’s Qom. Rexar continues on toward Paz alone to make his report.

Taneskel is further questioned by the Court Wizard. Done with him, the Court Wizard drugs him and has him launched out of a catapult over the walls of Qom. Taneskel just barely manages to transform into a falcon before being dashed to pieces. As falcon, he searches for Paz.

Taneskel confronts Paz on a battlefield, returning to human form right next to him. They have a one-sided argument. Taneskel complains that Paz threw his life away by asking him to kill the Court Wizard and asks that he be released from service, but Paz convinces Taneskel to kill Farkas instead. Taneskel starts casting to return to his falcon form, when he is attacked by Rexar! The interruption of the spell causes a zone of darkness to appear midday, miles wide, centered on Taneskel. Taneskel reflexively responds with fire breath directed at Rexar before sneaking off into the dark.

The magical darkness brings an end to the fighting and shows no signs of clearing.



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