Somerville Burning Cabal

1: Welcome to Torberg

Let's depart as soon as possible.

Wilson Eckelberg returns to Torburg without any fresh kills or pelts. He finds a friendly serving wench from whom he bums a hot meal.

Brother Alinadro is laughed out of the church by the rich and greedy elders of the Church. As he leaves, he sees a mural showing the noble death of Saint Berengar and is inspired to acquire the relic of his skull in far off Salvora. He starts preaching for assistance on this quest in the Market Square, but eventually starts arguing with a heckler. Wilson overhears Alinadro’s preaching, and they discuss plans to leave the city.

Kall is unnoticed as she watches Lady Amandella leave her house. Her magic fails to provide a suitable disguise, so she barges into the residence and asks to wait for her sister’s return. After failing to convince a guard to give her access to the house armory, she is confronted by her sister and they have a falling out. Kall prepares to leave Torburg.

Alinadro’s begging for alms fails to be enough to purchase a new straw hat. Wilson finds a noble to knows Alinadro and starts a discussion about helping the preacher.



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